Interfaith Philosophy

“Many Paths One Mountain”

There is room for every faith in our world especially in a ceremony that celebrates life. Interfaith also includes those who hold no faith.  Interfaith  is   inclusion.

The interfaith concept teaches:  “Never instead of, always in addition to”.  Rooted in the various Truths of the world’s religions, it begins to bring the concepts of all these Truths together, to find the spark of oneness that is inherent in all of them.

The boundaries and barriers which separate us are learned thoughts which are becoming less valid as improved communications introduce us to the ideas, customs and spiritual depth of other cultures.

We are at a point in history like no other.  The barriers of faith are and we are,  coming face to face with our humanity and interconnectedness. No longer does the concept of us vs. them, you vs. me ring true. We are one! May Peace Prevail on Earth.