Clients’ Comment

Clients’ Comment

” We are so grateful to have crossed paths with you!  You truly made our wedding day so special and we will always cherish that moment in time.  Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, we will carry it with us throughout our marriage.”  – Briana and Aaron –

“We’re married!  Thank you.  From the first phone call you have been a true guide for us to navigate our path towards marriage.  The words you said and your compassion and humor touched our hearts.  Thank you! ”  – Robin and Dean –

“Thank you for the wonderful blessing ceremony for our boys.  Everyone was extremely complimentary about the service.  You’re the best”  –  Joy and Becky –

“Thank you for your beautiful efforts that made our wedding day really magical, exactly perfect”   – Willow and Mila –

“Rev Kev, You helped make one of the most precious days sacred. You are magic!                    – Beth & John –

“Kevin, your sincerity, presence and heart made this day a joyous memory.”                            –  Maryann &  Neil –

“ We greatly appreciate your participation that helped make our wedding day so special. Thank you for your guidance. ” – Peter and Lisa –