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Congratulations on choosing to get married – As an Interfaith Minister I create cross-cultural understanding and encourage spiritual growth and fulfillment. This in turn, creates meaningful ceremonies that are personal and express who you are.  One of the greatest Joys of life is the sacred day on which we marry the person we love.  I hope this site provides you information and insight to how I may be of service on your sacred day.

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About Rev Kev

“Marriage is a supreme sharing experience; perhaps the greatest, most challenging, and most exciting, intimate adventure in human relationships.”

I am an Interfaith Minister from the New Seminary, N.Y.C. Ordained at the Cathedral St. John The Divine and a Registered N.Y.C Reverend.

When I was 10 years old I moved to the Catskill Mountains with my mother and brothers to find refuge at the invitation of my older brother.  From the moment I arrived, I never wanted to leave the natural beauty that surrounded us.  I felt the Spirit of God move through me as I explored the Catskills.

Growing up in the Catskills my passion for Spirit, nature, and a call to be of service, grew.  After high school I studied Psychology, Sociology and Women’s studies,  after graduation I attended Russell Sage University to study Health Management Administration.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, my  more than twenty  years executive management  in healthcare, patient services, human resources, staff training & development, natural health and wellness programs and non-profit development prepared me for my seminary studies.

Towards the end of my corporate tenure I began to dream of my childhood  explorations of the Catskills and considered a  spirituality centered life, dedicated to serving people and deepening my relationship with God. That year my New Years resolution was “To thine own self be true” and that February,  I was invited to attend a spiritual retreat en-titled “To thine own self be true”  I took that as a sign, I was headed in the right direction and the journey to deepen my spiritual training began.

Over the next several years I became a certified Master of the Usui Reiki System and  a certified hypnotherapist.  I used these tools in my “corporate” management practice.  Soon after, I left Corporate America to pursue my spiritual path and find a way to serve.

In 1999, I founded Spirittus, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit, providing access to holistic health seminars and I enrolled in the New Seminary, N.Y.C.

In 2001 I was ordained Reverend Kevin Kraft.  As an Interfaith Minister I build cross-cultural understanding and encourage spiritual growth to fulfillment. My service is a celebration of Spirit, regardless of the name by which you know that Spirit.

Since ordination I have had the privilege to serve over 125 couples in creating their marriage ceremony.   I have been able to conduct dozens of  baby blessings, memorials, funerals, house blessings and vow renewals.  I have served more than 4 years as a Chaplain at Kingston City hospital.

In 2005 I  joined the Lifebridge Foundation and serve as the Executive Director of the Lifebridge Sanctuary, a retreat and conference center. I am an NGO representative to the United Nations, an initiating member of Woodstock, NY Transition Town;  a co-founder of Circle of Friends of the Dying , a community home for the dying and have served on several Board’s as a Trustee, including a regional Non-profit,  Family of Woodstock; Mid-Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood and  Circle of Friends of the Dying.

I love to garden, have a keen interest in sustainability, cooking and exploring the Catskill Mountains. I reside in Woodstock with my husband Oliver Kita and our Havanese pup, Pearl. I believe most sincerely, my journey has given me wisdom and the intuition which allows me to co-create ceremonies that are Intimate, Sacred and Joyful.

“Blessings upon all of you who have come here in dedication to all that is loving, good and sacred. May the Source of Life sustain you. May all that is noble and true in the universe inspire your lives and bring peace to all of humankind. May this community of family and friends who are gathered here today continue to give this couple their love and support in the years to come.”                                         –  Rev. Kevin Kraft






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May I be of service….

Send me your contact information and use the comments section to let me know how I may be of service to you.  I’ll be in touch shortly.